How To Get The Attention Of Accounting Recruiters

Accounting recruiters have the natural human tendency to look for something interesting in the piles of resumes. As a candidate, you need to feed them with highlights that distinguish you from others. Getting the initial interview call can be made possible with a perfect accounting resume that can be created using the following tips.

Make Your Basics Imposing

Describe your qualifications and make the description worthwhile by mentioning accounting certifications and licenses. A Master’s degree in the field can give the reviewer a good reason to read further. While describing your work history, don’t hesitate to elaborate on your expertise. If you consider yourself as the best in a particular field, give it a good space in your resume.

Showcase Practical Implementations

Possessing accounting skills and mentioning them in the resume is a normal thing in the recruiters’ point of view. What can make it effective is the elaboration on practical implementations of the skills. If you have done well in general ledger by applying your accounting skills, you must demonstrate the same. The point is to explain your at putting your skills  to use when required.

Metrics Based Citations

Dollar figures speak louder than simple descriptions. Quantitative metrics and data-based facts will be among the first things that the recruiter would take interest in going through. These figures can add weight to your performance at your previous jobs.

Customize for Specific Position

Rather than creating a general resume for all the positions, it is a better approach to make it position-specific. You may include overall skills in the resume, but make sure to highlight the skills that a particular job or company demands. Being relevant to the firm you are applying to can make a big difference.

Count on Impactful Experience

You may have been exercising a number of duties and responsibilities at jobs till date. However, there must be high-value tasks that you must have been doing. Needless to say, these tasks add to the most valuable experiences and must find space in the resume. Regular and least-defining roles can be spared.

Showcase Winning Traits

Making impression on recruiters is important for any type of job. Your resume can promote your winning traits that you need to demonstrate. This would include key points on:

  • How efficient you have been during difficult situations
  • Your ability to face challenges when your employers is facing economic difficulties
  • Your capability to lead groups and keep the departments organized
  • Your potential to take initiatives towards the growth of the firm

Use Extensive Industry Terminology

Finally, you need to present your skills, experience and everything else using the most suitable technical terms relevant to the field of accounting. A good idea would be to go through the job postings and extract the terms out of the expectations mentioned in them. Your resume should match precisely to what the employer is looking for.

Your technical accounting knowledge is not enough to impress the recruiters who must be viewing hundreds of other resumes simultaneously. Make it happen with a suitably crafted accounting resume.