Finance Resume Advice

Opportunities for professionals in fields like accountancy and finance are limitless. Companies from different business domains are dependent on these professionals for maintaining good financial health. Auditors, accountants, finance analysts, finance planners and chief finance officers are some of the critical jobs that every company wishes to fill with dependable individuals. At the same time, each of these positions offers career growth opportunities to the professionals.

Grabbing a finance position requires a lot of preparation, the first and foremost being resume building. Your resume should offer the perfect summary of your professional journey so far and your career goals in the future. Furthermore, it is important to get noticed by utilizing important finance-related terms in the resume. Learn some useful resume writing tips from the sections below.

What Are Your Professional Goals?

A resume actually reflects what professional goals you wish to achieve in life. While writing a resume for finance-related positions, you must evaluate your current professional achievements and your future targets. This should help you in the following ways:

  • Researching about the finance positions you find yourself capable for
  • Locating the most attractive opportunities available with the top companies
  • Focusing on including key qualifications required for the positions in the resume
  • Emphasizing on the relevant skills, capabilities and experience in the resume

Build Interest with Comprehensive Summary

After you understand the needs of the position you are applying for, the next task is to prepare a short summary that will be the introductory paragraph of your resume. The key elements of this paragraph should be:

  • The current position you hold
  • Years of relevant experience
  • Key responsibilities and exercises you have been pursuing
  • Reputation that you have gained in the form of a record or achievement

The sole purpose of this summary should be to make the recruiter feel that you are worthy of being shortlisted. This should be immediately followed by the key qualifications and qualities. Make sure that you present them in the form of a list and include important keywords and phrases like:

  • Corporate accounting and management
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Budget development
  • Merger and acquisition management
  • Cash management and business growth valuations
  • Mutual bond analysis
  • Bookkeeping, auditing and compliance and so on

Many such keywords can be searched on the internet and in databases, but should be included only if they are relevant to your experience. The space should also be used to introduce the reviewer about your academic qualifications, trainings and workshops and certifications.

Share Your Achievements

The remaining part should further provide details about your professional background through your accomplishments. Apart from rewards, awards and promotions, you may also mention the success with which you have been carrying out the responsibilities assigned by the past employers. A good idea would be to use quantifiable figures and statistics, if any.

Don’t hesitate to customize your resume while applying for different finance profiles. However, you should be honest and accountable for the things you include every time.