CPA Resume Advice

Any good CPA job opportunity can draw stiff competition. In such a scenario, it is easy to estimate the amount of time recruiters would be spending in reviewing each resume. A good way to make your CPA resume stand apart is by including some attention-grabbing terms related to skills, experience and qualifications. Here are some good suggestions.

International Accounting Standards

With more companies indulging with international trading and globalization, accountants are expected to be well-versed with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The accounting standard has been adopted by many companies around the world and if your resume shows your expertise in the same, it can inspire the recruiters to spend more time considering you.

Experience with Federal Agencies

Accountants that gain experience with a federal agency like Securities and Exchange Commission can gain preference for CPA positions. The agency hires accountants for its numerous divisions and 11 offices located in different parts of the USA. While working with the agency, the accountants get exposed to federal securities laws which certainly add to their experience and knowledge.

Experience with the Big Four

The Big Four accounting and auditing agencies train and prepare their accountants with high-level accounting skills. Moreover, these firms hire candidates for accounting posts through a rigorous process. Experts in the accounting industry advocate experience with any of these four firms as an attractive point for the recruiters.

Best Accounting Software

Your resume must mention your familiarity and practical usage of the popular accounting software programs. Caseware is one good example in this regard. A good idea is to search for the accounting software programs that are used by the top accounting firms. You can obviously gain competitive edge over other candidates by learning one of these tools and mentioning the same in your resume.

Quantitative Achievements

Mentioning roles and responsibilities you had been successfully handling at previous jobs can increase the worth of your resume. However, stats and numbers can better describe your achievements as an accounting professional. For example, you should mention how you handled the departmental budget of a specific amount and how it helped the company to attain significant savings.

Client Interaction Skills

Many accounting firms and business owners require their accountants to directly communicate with clients. This is an important responsibility that requires the accountants to be experts in customer interaction, apart from technical knowledge and accounting experience. Cite examples in your resume if your customer conduct helped your past employers to retain important business clients.

If your resume contains any of the above-mentioned things, you can expect interview calls from potential employers. If not, you can start working today to attain these qualities in the coming few months. Remember that a rewarding career as a certified professional accountant can change your life forever, but you need to work hard in order to achieve it.