Accounting Resume Tips

Jobs in the field of accountancy are on the rise. Companies, banks and financial organizations constantly demand accountants and auditors with relevant skills and industrious traits. Pursuing a career in accounting can be rewarding, especially considering the latest statistics of the substantial increase in available positions. Here are some tips to help you write a great resume that will separate you from other perspective accountants

Highlight Accounting Expertise

Your resume should include the core competencies you have acquired in accounting. Mention the subjects and areas you have been performing well throughout the academics or during your professional life so far. The list may include your skills related to bookkeeping, statement preparation, budget preparation, account analysis, and so on.

Include Technical Expertise

Make a separate list in your resume highlighting your ability to use accounting software tools, as well as other popular office tools. Being technically knowledgeable can help you have an edge over others.

Elaborate on Professional Experience

Starting with accounting training to your job experience in the field, mention what makes you professionally sound. Give relevant statements related to your roles and duties. Even if you participated in finance-related tasks indirectly related to your potential job, don’t hesitate to include it.

If you are a member of any professional accounting institutes or groups, mention it in your resume. As such memberships can keep you connected with the network of accounting professionals, you should try to join some, you can usually find ones with affordable fees.

Social Involvement

Companies take an interest in hiring employees who are socially active. Here are a few worthwhile things that can make your resume impressive:

  • Mention the related hobbies that you pursue
  • Provide information about relevant events you attended or participated in
  • Include information about charity or voluntary work
  • Your achievements and awards should also be in the list

In the world of online social networking, you can’t overlook the importance of highlighting your association with social media. Provide links or relevant information about the social professional network profiles and blogs. In addition, provide information about how the companies can contact you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Additional Tips Worth Following

  • Seek the help of online accounting forums and discussion boards
  • Visit websites offering sample accounting resumes for ideas/inspiration
  • Make your resume interesting and engaging, without including exaggerating statements
  • Use short sentences in an active voice
  • Cross-check for typos and grammatical mistakes before sending the resume
  • Take help from your accounting professors
  • Mention references of people you know in the relevant fields
  • Make the resume presentable with a professional cover letter

An important suggestion is to include correct and honest information in the resume. Give an impression that you are willing to learn and grow in the industry while working with a reputed organization.